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I've had sex vacations in places like Columbia, Argentina, Dominican Rep., all over Asia. It's a treat I give myself once every year... and after getting it mostly all out of my system then I go back to "my real life". I just got back from a 5 night stay in St. Petersberg and 2 nights in Moscow and had subscribed to RussianSexBombs just for the trip. I connected with 3 voluptuous young ladies the first day (a buxom 24 y.o. blond, an 18 y.o. brunette with the cutest figure and sweet all over and under and a 22 y.o. red head with the nicest rack and juiciest delicacy I've ever experienced... After an all day and night marathon session in my 5 star hotel suite I was absolutely worn out... but with a smile on my face. I had to rest the next day and recover (after all I am 55 years old in good shape but spent). The remaining days I paced myself by selecting just 1 Russian Sex Bomb escort each of the remaining days I was there. I fell in love with nearly every single one of those sex bombs. I still have visions and fond memories of each one of those girls... Smoking hot, no inhibitions and great personalities... Most of them were degreed professionals or still studying in the University or prep schools. is for real. The babes are real. The babes are nice and deliver the goods. Can't wait to go back and do it again.

Garrett Long
Seattle, Washington, USA


Hi, I am amazed so many nice girls are displayed here. Additionally this site is well-organized in order to satisfy customers requests. Best site for Russian night!

A Take


Hi, I saw your offer to e-mail you and tell you about your site so I thought I would. I have come across many adult foreign romance sites while wandering through the web. Yours, BY FAR, is the best one. It is the most user-friendly and has the best features.

Keep up the good work!

Sarajevo, Bosnia


Thanks to your site. I was able to spend an entire week in St. Petersburg with three hot Russian sluts! I told them I would marry and take back to America the best one in bed and they spent the entire week fighting over my cock. IT WAS AWESOME! One of the girls still sends me naked photos of herself - can't wait to go back!

Richard Cranium
Washington, D.C., United States


Hi, it is pleasant surprise for me to see this type of pics and I felt happy to know that you provide this type of facilities.

Ajay Verma
Delhi, India


I have found the right woman for me in the 3 day trail and i like to opt out. Please contact me about the opt out now that i have the right woman. Thanks.

T Lunn
Little Rock, Ar, USA


Dear Customer service,

It was a pure accident when I discovered your website. I was searching for something on Yahoo! unrelated to your business. One of the listings was a brief summary of your service. At first, I thought it must be either some kind of "porno" stuff, or a very clever type of scam.

It took me a while to understand that this business is generally on the up & up, and for me to seriously use it. I have gone through every website that I could find, and as you know, there are more than a hundred. But almost none are of your quality. If someone were to ask me about Russian Sex Bombs, this is what I would tell them I found:

1) You have a wonderfully large data base of ladies, and it is very diverse. Your competition is too skewed towards very young women.

2) Your profile pages load quickly. Some of those of your competitors are AGONIZINGLY slow. (And some of their "search engines" are almost useless.)

3) Some sites are so amateurish, it's laughable.

4) Russian Sex Bombs website is so complete - it's got anything one could want. (And I don't recall seeing too many spelling errors)

5) Your pricing is fair and competitive.

6) I have confidence that the ladies you portray are real. On some sites, I really do suspect that there are "ringers".

7) The individual profile pages that you produce are absolutely the best. Excellent photography for the most part, fast loading, usually with more than five photo, and detailed information about the individual portrayed.

You did what you said you do. The rest was (and is) up to me.

Norman S.


My experience with your service has been positive indeed. Since I am neither rich nor exceptionally handsome this must be rated as a success. In this context, I cannot exclude the possibility that my town of residence (Paris) holds more romantic attraction than, say, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Antoine Perrier
Paris, France


I do not trust any other "introduction" business, period!, but Russian Sex Bombs. Therefore, I will continue to use your services, if and when the need may arise. Again, my heartfelt gratitude. Please continue the great work all of you are doing.

Sam J.


Wow, all I can say is wow! I had never imagined the pictures are real. I just thought that they were made in a studio and changed. However, the girls look in real life just like in the pictures. Amazing you guys... absolutely amazing...

Mark Gibbons
Manchester, UK


This site is one of the best available for a listing of independent and agency escorts. Every single one of them is gorgeous. I'm personally a big fan of Inna of St. Petersburg. She's a law student and a sex goddess come alive. Excellent service. This site is truly extensive. Guys everywhere, make use of this. I don't believe. I have ever seen better escorts anywhere else. Thank you.

Kevin Malory
Toronto, Canada


Your girls are great. I've used this site for meetings my last 2 trips to Eastern Europe. ABSOLUTELY no comnplaints. The best.

Travis G.
Nowhere, KS, USA


Russians girls and women are awesome and full of sex lust. Russians females know how to seduce men. I was in Dubai for two weeks and met Russian female she took only 400 USD and it was worth doing sex and going around.

Tariq Khan
Rawalpindi, Pakistan


This is an awesome site for finding stunning sexy girls in Moscow. I am really impressed with the collection. A heartful wish for you all.

Bishwajit Podder
Dhaka, Bangladesh


I tip my hat to you. You guys are great. I'm happy I used your service. I'm the type of man that believes that everything happens for a reason. I just happened to surf the net and came across your web site. I didn't know what to think at first, somewhat scared...I decided to leave, I went and I compared your' sites to other sites on the web, by far your the best. You show a lot of character and you're very sincere. The women are beautiful. I'm proud I found your web site.

Kurt Bah
Berlin, Germany


Not only is your site good, but the girls are unforgetable in real life, so hot and horny and they will do all you want. I had three with me one night and two another and so on. Were there for a week and fucked with 10 different girls and all were amazing young and tight.

Sydney, Australia


You know you?ve got the best data base of escort models among other Russian escort sites! And they are all so sexy and gorgeous! I?m your life-long fan! Hot chicks, lovely pictures, exclusive support... Please add new profiles for all of us to enjoy!

TJ Gregory
London, UK


I've been looking through various adult sites for the past several years. But what I found on your site excels everything I've seen to present day. Your site is undoubtedly the best. Please go on extending your content as much as possible. You'll find successful subscribers, who will come back again and again!

John Berman
Atlanta, US


Hi! I bought the membership in Russian Sex Bombs after being much upset of many other adult sites. Your site is probably the best that I've ever seen. I joined the site very gladly. Russian girls are sexy, pretty, hot, and the photos are extra high-quality.

Jerry Luxon
Toronto, Canada

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